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Immigrating to Australia

Welkinz Global perceives that the insistence and impositions for Australia Immigration among emigrants is increasing steadily. Permanent settlement in a developed country like Australia is what everybody urges for in today’s era. Catering to this ever-increasing demand, we provide Australian visa consultation services to aspirants all over the globe. Over the past decade, Australia has become a preferred destination for many. Be it for high standard education, jobs or business, the country offers a plethora of opportunities that would lead you onto the path of success and prosperity. With us, you can be rest assured that you would get the best visa and immigration services. Keeping in mind the technological advancements, we also offer these services online to suit your busy lifestyle. Our team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals would guide you at all steps, thus, ensuring that your visa application is in safe hands. In addition to that, the team would also be your perfect mentor to help you complete all legal documentation formalities. By regular communication, we keep our clients posted about their application status on various stages of the application process. Thus, it can be rightly said that immigration to this country is a gateway to become an achiever in life. To know more, fill our Free Visa Assessment Form or Contact our Expert Immigration Consultants now!

Reasons for Migrating to Australia

Visiting Australia

Whether you are visiting your relatives or just going to Australia for a vacation, the one thing common is that you would need a visa to Australia. Since Australia is one of the hotspots for tourists, it attracts many with its beautiful beaches and sites. People visit Australia from all parts of the world. As an applicant, one must clear all the legal formalities while applying for the visa. The application process varies depending upon where you have applied. Thus, it is important to have an expert advice to acquire visa.

Studying in Australia

Education plays a vital role in the overall development of human being. Overseas education has become a dream for many young students and professionals. Australia is one of the top choices for higher education. It offers a wide range of courses with one of the finest education systems and better facilities. From hospitality to finance, engineering to architecture, you’ll get it all in Australia. It has become an educational hub for youth today. Also, work prospects are bright in the country. To know more, fill our Free Visa Assessment Form or Contact our Expert Immigration Consultants now!

Living in Australia

Life in Australia is awesome! An increasing number of people want to shift their base to this commonwealth country in search for better opportunities. Living in Australia may be a little challenging, but is fruitful at the same time. Higher economic growth, free education for children, soothing whether, subsidized healthcare services and strong law & order are the key features of Australian Immigration, which attracts immigrants across the globe. Foreign nationals who have settled in Australia say, it is a wonderful experience to reside in Australia.

Working in Australia

Australia has always been known for its strong and stable economy. Over the years, it has risen even stronger. The country offers a great working environment with strong employment policies to ensure the safety of immigrants who come to work in Australia. There is always the need for talent in the country, thus people from all over the globe are now heading to Australia. The job opportunities in the country are always on the rise.

Popular Australian Visas

Australia Skilled Independent Sub Class 189

Australia Skilled Sub Class 190 (State Nomination)

Australia Skilled Sub Class 489 (Regional)

Australia Visitor Visa Sub Class 600

Australia Immigration Sub Class 457

To know more, fill our Free Visa Assessment Form or Contact our Expert Immigration Consultants now!

About Australia

Australia is the largest island in the whole world with an area of about 7.69 million kilometres. The country is known for its picturesque beaches, coastline and the coral reefs. Australia attracts a larger number of people from different parts of the world each year. Be it a business trip or a leisure vacation, Australia is becoming the selected choice of many. The fast paced and urban lifestyle fascinates tourists, students and migrants alike. State of the art infrastructure, premium healthcare services and great transportation facilities are the added advantages that the country offers.

Climatic conditions in Australia

Australia is blessed with moderate climatic conditions. It is neither extreme hot nor extreme cold, just perfect! It has six states and two union territories. The residents of each state enjoy every type of weather. The weather of the northern part of the continent is characterized cool breeze, hot sunny days and charismatic rains. The southern part majorly enjoys a hot and dry summer. The winters though are cool and rainy. Now, talking about the eastern and the western region! These regions witness varying weather – hot summers, cool winters, rains, spring and autumn.

Education in Australia

Australia is the educational hub for youth of 21st Century. Each year thousands of students head to Australia to turn their dreams into reality. There are more than 1200 educational institutions with 22000 different courses. Considering the cutting-edge technology and the exceptional education system, the country has become one of the most popular destinations for higher education. The education system is divided into three subheads i.e. primary, secondary and territory education. The territory education includes the higher education in universities. According to the latest rankings of Top Universities, Australia is home for 5 of the 30 best cities for students across the globe. The country also offers premium Vocational Education and Training (VET). Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) ensures that students get the right mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application. To know more, fill our Free Visa Assessment Form or Contact our Expert Immigration Consultants now!

Living in Australia

As per the updated calculation of prosperity Index, it is the fourth happiest country in the world. The country offers a peaceful environment but at the same time has a very modern and cosmopolitan feel to it. One can easily choose between short-term accommodation and long-term accommodation depending upon the needs. The accommodation cost varies from state to state. The urban and modern lifestyle is inviting and is full of zeal, which is the real spirit of Australia. English is the most spoken language in the country and Christianity is the religion that is followed by majority of people. Australia has always welcomed tourists and foreign immigrants with open arms and warmth. Thus, people from different countries have settled in various parts of Australia. Healthcare facilities in Australia The Government of Australia has signed Reciprocal Health Care agreements (RHCA) with many countries. These agreements enable the immigrants to get subsidies on health services. In simple words, if any immigrant needs any medical treatment while living in Australia, then there are various subsidies available. E-Health Services are also available in the country through which the patient can find hospital and doctors via internet.

Business and Employment in Australia

The stable economy of Australia is a prime factor that many young professionals want to shift their base to the country. The employment rate of the country is on the upward trajectory. There are various options available in terms of business – Startups, small business ventures and big business tie-ups. Courtesy the exponential business avenues and opportunities that the country renders, it has become a famous destination for the corporate meetings. The good thing is that jobs are stable. With coherent development and growth, the opportunities would help you carve a success graph, which will always be upwards. To know more, fill our Free Visa Assessment Form or Contact our Expert Immigration Consultants now!

Job opportunities in Australia

You do not need to worry for a job in Australia if you are qualified enough and experienced in your field or profession. In Australia, all jobs and professions are open to men and women. There are laws to protect workers against unfair treatment or discrimination based on their gender, race, disability, religion or sexual orientation. Equal Employment Opportunity laws require workplaces to ensure that career opportunities, advancement and training are based on worker’s merit, skills and experience rather than preferential treatment or discrimination.


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