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The Beautiful Land of Maple Leafs - Canada is one of the best countries to live in. This country is known for its living standard and is enriched with incredible resources. Its vast geography, diverse population, easily available health and social services have made it a hot spot for overseas aspirants across the globe. This nation offers numerous opportunities for growth and settlement to those who wish to immigrate overseas with an ambition to do something on their own.

Besides the compelling factors like quality of living, advanced infrastructure, soothing weather etc; the most fascination factor which aspires millions of people from different corners of the world to move to Canada and settle there is its security system with lowest crime rates.

So, if you are one of those who wish to immigrate to this Wonder Land, then we are here to help you to live your dream of Canada immigration. Since years we have been delivering Canadian visa consultation services to the applicants from all over the globe. Taking full advantage of the internet, you can also avail our hassle-free services online and save your precious time. We will assure you receive the best immigration and visa services.

Our team of Specialized Visa Consultants and Experts helps you obtain the desired visa without much ado. Having extensive experience in handling visa applications for all countries, our experts guide you throughout the visa application process to ensure that your application is lodged smoothly.

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Immigrating as a Skilled Worker

Canada is a very liberal nation. It welcomes immigrants from every part of the world. Immigrants in this Maple country enjoy almost equal level of facilities, freedom, rights and services as the indigenous citizens.

When it comes to Work Culture of Canada, this nation has got the healthiest work environment. With ample growth opportunities, good wages and more secured employment policies, the nation protects its residents through a unique system of social assistance. It helps immigrants during tough times when they are out of their jobs. Even the Canadian Government offers different support programs and courses to various immigrants depending on their circumstances.

If you are planning to immigrate to this beautiful land of diversified culture with the purpose of employment, then Skilled Worker Immigration program would be the best choice for you. Skilled Visa is a very popular immigration program designed for people with higher levels of skills and experience.

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Immigrating as Investor

Immigration can support a country in upgrading its economy. Countries now look at the steady entry of immigrants as one of the generators of long time profit. Immigrants, who migrate to a country with a motive to make investments, have the potential of making an immediate constructive contribution to the nation. Canada has a special program for Business aspirants that endeavours to attract experienced business people from different zones of the world. Nevertheless, immigrating to Canada as an investor requires following certain rules under the Immigrant Investor Program.

Immigrating for Higher Studies

The Canadian education system is top ranked among the world’s best education systems. Besides, the expenses for study in Canada are much lower compared to other English-speaking countries. A good number of quality educational institutions offer both professional and technical degrees and diplomas in Canada. The students in Canada can work for one year even without applying for a work permit, after completing their graduation.

Reasons for Migrating to Canada

Visiting Canada

Canada welcomes you as a tourist no matter which corner of the world you live in. The mesmerizing beauty of this lovely country leaves you with no choice but explore the ultimate adventure out here. The Government says “Keep Exploring” by making tourist visas easy to get for all. Should you require visiting your relative/friend residing in Canada, you will need to obtain a tourist visa. Tourists all over the world head to Canada for the fulfilment of their adventurous wills.

Living in Canada

Immigrants living inside Canada feel proud to be a part of this great nation full of peace and prosperity. Due to the well established and developed economy, Canada has one of the highest living standards around the world. According to a serve, Canadians live a better life while enjoying plenty of benefits offered by the Canadian Government. Free access to healthcare services, strong legal policies, free education for children, appropriate weather conditions are a few reasons why people are heading to Canada and making it their home.

Studying in Canada

Education is important for all in today’s world. Starting from the beginning of human development, Education is one of the key factors that make a human being a “human being”. In the well growing overseas education systems, Canada has stand apart as first preference of young students and professionals. Many have made a mark of success having studied in Canada. Every year, Canadian universities educate more than 1.5 million students from different parts of Earth. Canada’s higher education institutions are diverse in culture, educational programs and facilities.

Work in Canada

Canada is known widely for its steady economy which is on the rise for the recent years. Having strong employment policies, the country ensures the protection of immigrants who come to work in Canada. Talent search is always on in the country which is one of the reasons why people across the world want to shift their base to Canada. Thus, Canada is rightly called the “Land of opportunities”.

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Canadian Economy

Being the wealthiest nation, Canada is one of the largest economies in the world. Canada is world famous and well known for its powerful economy and therefore it resembles the United States in its market-oriented economic system and production. Canada is the only G7 country to run 7 consecutive surplus budgets. Canada believes in maximum export and manufacturing.

Job opportunities in Canada

The “Land of opportunities” Canada has shown a remarkable job creation record in recent years. The Government of Canada has taken various initiatives to directly support the development of a skilled, mobile and inclusive workforce within an efficient labour market. Canadian economy has expanded at a faster pace. High-wage, high-skilled, full-time and private sector employment has been the main sources of job creation. Employment rate is quite extremely high in Canada because of the Government’s job creation policies and initiatives.

Popular Canadian Visas

Canada Express Entry Program for permanent residency visa to Canada

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Visitor Visa

Work Visa

Spouse/Dependent Visa

Study Visa

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Canada Immigration

Canada is the first preference for everyone dreaming to settle abroad. In order to fulfil the ever-increasing demands of the Canadian labour market, Canada has opened his doors for skilled professionals of various fields. Over past years, millions of people having extensive experience in their fields have shifted their base to Canada from every corner of the world and it is continuing. Immigrants feel proud to be a part of one of the largest economies of the world. Moreover, they do feel safe and secure in the peaceful environment of this culturally diverse nation.

With us, you can be rest assured that you would get the best visa and immigration services. Keeping in mind the technological advancements, we also offer these services online to suit your busy lifestyle. Our team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals would guide you at all steps, thus, ensuring that your visa application is in safe hands. In addition to that, the team would also be your perfect mentor to help you complete all legal documentation formalities. By regular communication, we keep our clients posted about their application status on various stages of the application process. Thus, it can be rightly said that immigration to this country is a gateway to become an achiever in life.

Our role

Our team of experts, having years of experience in furnishing varying migration and immigration needs of people help you understand every bit of process. We specialize in a host of services related to permanent residency across the globe. By procuring, tailor made services and solutions as per the altering demands of clients; we have made a mark for ourselves in the industry. Today, we are a name to reckon with.

Our approach to filing permanent or temporary visa application is purely defined and it is different from others. The process is carried along the lines of the rules and regulations laid down by the concerned migration regulatory departments of the target destination. We function under the patronage of a team of highly qualified people.

Experts at Welkinz Global would assist you in the following –

Free eligibility assessment

Best consultation

Transparent advice on immigration rules and policies

Appropriate guidance throughout the process

Proper Application submission/filling

Pre-departure assistance

Clear and flexible payment options

No hidden costs

Welkinz Global acts as a bridge between you and your destination country. We are the link that offers you an easy and comfortable journey.

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