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The United States of America Popularly known as the "Super Power" through its economical and technological achievements, the United States of America is becoming the number one choice for immigration among international immigrants. Immigration to US is the dream of everyone while millions of lucky migrants are already living this dream. Every year, USA welcomes immigrants from different parts of the world who come to the United States for various immigration purposes such as study, work and permanent settlement. Some people just come to the US as a tourist to explore the unique eye - breezing beauty of this wonderful nation which reflects in its high-tech cities. The Glacier National Park in Montana, Patch Parkway, San Juan Mountains in Colorado, Skyline drive through Virginia, The New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, The Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, Golden Bridge Gate California are some of the most favourite tourist attractions in the country. The country welcomes with opened arms the Entrepreneurs and Investors with new ideas from every corner of the world, thus offers them direct permanent residency through various Investor immigration programs.

Welkinz Global understands the importance of your move to the United States irrespective of the purpose of immigration. We, therefore feel happy to help you throughout your visa/immigration application process ensuring you have a happy journey! To know more, fill our Free Visa Assessment Form or Contact our Expert Immigration Consultants now! Immigrating to USA (Popular Visas) Visit visa to USA (USA visitor visa B1/B2): The most frequently applied visa to USA from all around the world. Issued to tourists/visitors and business visitors allowing them to enter the United States for sightseeing and/or business purposes. Employment Based Visas – Foreign workers are required to obtain a work visa or employment based green card or employment authorization to be eligible to work in the United States. Foreign workers with a temporary offer of employment to work in the US may apply for a non-immigrant work visa, while those with an offer of permanent employment may be eligible to apply for a Green Card. This category is further divided into various sub-categories of Green Card through employment in the US:

EB1 Green Card – For Priority workers.

EB2 Green Card – For those with an advanced degree or an exceptional ability in the sciences, arts or business and a permanent job offer.

EB3 Green Card – For professionals, unskilled and skilled workers.

EB4 Green Card – For certain special immigrants.

EB5 Green Card – For immigrant investors who can invest a set amount of money in the USA.

H1B Visa – For temporary foreign workers with a job offer in a specialty occupation.

I Visa – For foreign media representatives.

L1 Visa – For Intra-Company transferees.

O1 Visa – For people with extraordinary ability in athletics, arts, business, education or science supported by some international or national achievements.

E3 Visa – For temporary Australian workers (Australian Citizens) with a job offer in a specialty occupation in the US.

P Visa – For performers, artists, entertainers to perform in an event in the US.

Q1 Visa – For adults (18 years and above) to participate in training, employment and cultural exchange program.

TN Visa – Specifically for the citizens of Canada and Mexico with an offer of employment in professional occupation in the US.

Working Holiday Visa – The working holiday in the USA can be attained with an exchange visa (J Visa).

To know more, fill our Free Visa Assessment Form or Contact our Expert Immigration Consultants now!

Family Based Visas – The family based visa is issued to the applicants who have their family members living in the United States as a citizen of the nation. There are many different visa categories under the family based immigration visas varying greatly depending upon the relationships.

K1 Visa – Issued to the fiancés of US citizens to come to the US and get married. Once the couple has married, the foreign spouse (holder of K1 Visa) can apply for the Green Card.

K3 Visa – Issued to the spouses of US citizens to come and live with their spouse until they receive the visa number (I – 130) for permanent residence. This visa can only be applied when the foreign spouse is outside the USA.

F2 Visa – Issued to spouse or child of a US lawful permanent resident. The F2 Green Card is processed when the relationship is proven with the legal evidences. This visa can be applied from both inside and outside the USA.

F1 – F3 Green Cards – Issued to children of the US citizens.

F4 Sibling Green Card – Issued to siblings (sister, brother, half-sister, half-brother, step-sister, step-brother or adopted brother or sister) of a US citizen to live and work permanently in the US.

IR Green Card – Issued to immediate relative (spouse, parent or unmarried child) of a US citizen.

To know more, fill our Free Visa Assessment Form or Contact our Expert Immigration Consultants now!


The United States of America is the largest national economy in today’s world. With a well-developed infrastructure, natural resources and great productivity, the United States has the ninth highest per capita GDP (nominal) and sixth highest per capita GDP (PPP) in the world. The United States nominal GDP was estimated to be $17.911 trillion as of Q2 2014. US Dollar $ is the currency that is most used for international transactions and is the world’s foremost reserve currency. Being recognized as a mixed economy, the United States has maintained a stable growth rate, a moderate rate of unemployment and high level of research and capital investment.

How can we help you secure a visa?

Being the leading online migration service providers, Welkinz Global helps you obtain your desired visas keeping your need for visa in mind. Get the best in class immigration and migration consultation services at the most competent and affordable price. Welkinz Global is a one-stop shop for your entire visa and immigration related needs. Some of our key specialties are:

Proper evaluation of an application in terms of eligibility

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To enhance the chances of getting the desired visa

Reasons: Why should you choose us?

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