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Dependent / Spouse Visa

In search for better carrier opportunities, many immigrants have shifted their base abroad. Spouses or De facto partners of such immigrants may require joining them. Therefore, immigration departments of various countries have designed “Spouse Visa” which is also known as “Dependent Visa” in some countries. With the help of this visa, married couples can enjoy every moment while living abroad together. This visa helps shorten the distances between happily married couples. Holders of a Spouse or Dependent Visa can join their spouses or De-facto partners for a longer duration. One can also accompany the principal applicant to their destination if holding a Spouse Visa. As per the prevailing rules, it has now become mandatory for the joining spouses and/or de-facto partners to live with their partners only during their stay in the country. This has been enforced by various countries to avoid the marriage fraud. Issuance of this visa is greatly affected by the establishment of the principal applicant or the person holding a work permit/permanent resident status/citizenship/study permit in the country.

Our team of Specialized Visa Consultants and Experts helps you obtain the desired visa without much ado. Having extensive experience in handling visa applications for all countries, our experts guide you throughout the visa application process to ensure that your application is lodged smoothly.

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Who can apply? (General prerequisites)

Eligibility criterion to apply for Spouse/Dependent Visa varies from country to country. For example, this visa can only be granted to the spouses or de-facto partners of the citizens or permanent residents in some countries. To be eligible to apply for this visa, one must:

Be sponsored by a permanent resident/citizen/temporary worker/student residing in the destination country

Be in a de-facto relationship or legally married to your sponsor

Be living together as husband and wife or partners

Show financial self sufficiency

Meet other health and character requirements

Our role

Our team of experts, having years of experience in furnishing varying migration and immigration needs of people help you understand every bit of process. We specialize in a host of services related to permanent residency across the globe. By procuring, tailor made services and solutions as per the altering demands of clients; we have made a mark for ourselves in the industry. Today, we are a name to reckon with.

Our approach to filing permanent or temporary visa application is purely defined and it is different from others. The process is carried along the lines of the rules and regulations laid down by the concerned migration regulatory departments of the target destination. We function under the patronage of a team of highly qualified people.

Experts at Welkinz Global would assist you in the following –

Free eligibility assessment

Best consultation

Transparent advice on immigration rules and policies

Appropriate guidance throughout the process

Proper Application submission/filling

Pre-departure assistance

Clear and flexible payment options

No hidden costs

To know more, fill our Free Visa Assessment Form or Contact our Expert Immigration Consultants now!

Reasons: Why should you choose us?

High success rate on visa applications

Tailor made consultation services

Offering glitch free visa application process

Informing you about your application status

Expertise and professionalism

Helping you understand the eligibility criteria

Transparent fee structure

Save time and money

Team of experts providing premium services

Appropriate support and guidance

No hidden costs

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