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What is Permanent Residency?

Permanent Residency or PR is classified as an immigration permit or a visa that allows the holder to stay in a foreign country for an infinite duration. This permit can later be converted into citizenship. A permanent residency visa holder savor, legally granted benefits over which an individual is legally authorized to stay and work in the country. It also allows the person to settle in the country with his/her family.

We all know that visa validity is issued for a fixed time, but for an individual with permanent residency status, the situation is different. A major indicative of this visa is that holders can inhabit the country post the expiry of the validity of their visa. During this time, the person must legally abide by the rules and regulations of the country. The holder can also apply for the extension of the visa. One can also apply for the citizenship to attain absolute settlement in the country after fulfilling certain list of criteria. Usually valid for a period of 5 years, a permanent residency visa allows multiple entry permission in and out of the country at any point of time.

It is a documentary proof affirming the status of an individual in the country. In various countries, the provision is of a mere stamp on an individual’s passport to manifest the permanent stay. This stamp suffices the prerequisites of the government authorities, permitting individuals to live and work in the country without confinement and constraint. Many countries issue a photo ID card or a certificate of residence in the name of the person to corroborate their residency status.

To maintain the legal stature in a foreign country, it is vital for an individual to meet certain circumstances. Permanent residency status is granted to individuals based on different criteria.

Our team of Specialized Visa Consultants and Experts helps you obtain the desired visa without much ado. Having extensive experience in handling visa applications for all countries, our experts guide you throughout the visa application process to ensure that your application is lodged smoothly.

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Benefits of Permanent Residency Visa

Permanent residency status gets with itself an array of perks. Individuals can avail various advantages if their legal status falls under the status of a permanent resident.

Leverage's of a permanent residency visa are:

Free and subsidized education

Right of setting up a business, buy, sell or own property

Access to medical insurance and social security benefits

Right to apply for citizenship

Right to sponsor relatives

Spouses are entitled to work full time

No restriction on movement in and out of the country

Better economic prospects

Children born in the country are citizens by birth

Permanent Residents by law are access granted to citizenship by naturalization after having completed a stay in the country for more than the specified period. Some countries even offer dual citizenship, permitting them to maintain the distinction of citizenship by naturalization and a legal status with the home country.

An increasing number of countries across the globe provide permanent residency under different schemes. Permanent residency is usually granted to skilled professionals depending upon the need of the country.

Pros & Cons

It is essential for an individual to know the circumstances under which he/she can lose their permanent residency status. One can also relinquish the prospect of applying for a citizenship if he/she –

Leaves the country before a specified duration

Is considered or recognized as potential threat to the country (in this case the person may ever be subject to deportation)

Presently the following countries are offering permanent residency to foreign nationals. Some of the countries are –



New Zealand


There are various methods for attaining a permanent residency to a country. However, after spending certain number of years in the country, the process becomes a little easier. You can move to a country through a study permit, work permit, through marriage with a national of the country, through sponsorship.

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Who can apply?

Countries like Australia, Canada have been opening their doors for various skilled professionals every year across the globe.

Skilled Professionals having pertinent experience in their field can apply for permanent immigration meeting few other criteria, which our experts can walk you through. You can start your journey by simply contacting our Expert Immigration Consultants who have extensive experience in handling immigration matters. You can apply for permanent residency visa, if:

Your occupation is listed on the Shortage/Eligible Occupation List. This list is released every year by various Immigration departments of the countries offering permanent residence to fulfill their labour market needs.

You have the specified work experience in the listed occupation.

You meet the language and other eligibility criteria (age, qualification & sponsorship) set by the immigration authorities.

The process takes more time while one contacts the government officials directly. That’s where we come in to ease out the process.

To know more, fill our Free Visa Assessment Form or Contact our Expert Immigration Consultants now!

Our role

Our team of experts, having years of experience in furnishing varying migration and immigration needs of people help you understand every bit of process. We specialize in a host of services related to permanent residency across the globe. By procuring, tailor made services and solutions as per the altering demands of clients; we have made a mark for ourselves in the industry. Today, we are a name to reckon with.

Our approach to filing permanent or temporary visa application is purely defined and it is different from others. The process is carried along the lines of the rules and regulations laid down by the concerned migration regulatory departments of the target destination. We function under the patronage of a team of highly qualified people.

Experts at Welkinz Global would assist you in the following –

Free eligibility assessment

Best consultation

Transparent advice on immigration rules and policies

Appropriate guidance throughout the process

Proper Application submission/filling

Pre-departure assistance

Clear and flexible payment options

No hidden costs


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